Baptisms in the Anglican Parish of Kincumber


Baptism is an important milestone. Many people see baptism as a formal welcome to a new member of a family and a nice tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation. The Church’s view of baptism is far more serious. Baptism is an occasion where parents and godparents of a child make a confession of their own Christian faith as well as a promise to bring up their children in the life and faith of the Christian Church. It’s a confession made before God, the minister and a congregation. Baptism is also a covenant (agreement) between the family of a child being baptised and the church as a whole, who promise to support you in this calling.

We welcome families who want to have their child baptised by us, however we expect families to regularly attend an Anglican Church prior to the baptism proceeding. The parents are also expected to meet with the minister conducting the baptism to discuss the following topics:

  •  An introduction to the Christian gospel (what is it that you’re baptising your child into?)
  • Understanding the Christian worldview (how does Christian faith relate to everyday life?)
  • The “what and why” of baptism (Why do we baptise our kids) During this final session we also look through the baptism service itself.

For more information on the above and a look at the syllabus itself, you can download it here.

Regular members of our congregation and those who are seeking baptism for subsequent children, you are only required to attend the last session.

If Baptisms are conducted during one of our regular services, parents and godparents will be given their baptism certificates at the end of the service. If, however, the service is held at the Heritage Church, the family will be expected to attend one of our regular services afterward so they can be officially welcomed by the congregation, where they will receive the baptism certificates.