St. Bedes


St. Bede’s is located at 11 Mimosa Ave, Saratoga NSW 2251

  • 1st Sunday – 8:30am Holy Communion
  • 2nd Sunday – 8:30am Morning Prayer
  • 3rd Sunday – 8:30am Holy Communion
  • 4th Sunday – 8:30am Morning Prayer
  • 5th Sunday – 8:30 am (Only on months that have a 5th Sunday) Special family service


  • There are a number of bible studies that meet at different times during the week.
  • St. Bede’s runs many different community activities including Men’s breakfasts, a can drive for charity, coffee & chat mornings and even fashion shows!

What you can expect

St. Bede’s is a warm, friendly and engaging congregation who meet in a more informal setting. 

Services are run from the overhead projector, and music consists of a mix of modern and traditional songs.

Services tend to run for about an hour.