Baptisms in the Anglican Parish of Kincumber

Baptism is an important milestone in the life of a disciple of Jesus, and can occur at any age. Baptism is a powerful symbol celebrating an individual’s decision to turn to Christ and to become one with Jesus in His death and resurrection. Therefore it is assumed that a person wanting to be baptised will be a regular member of our church. 

Some people see infant baptism, or a christening, as an opportunity to get family and friends together to celebrate the birth of their child. The Church’s view on infant baptism is that this is an opportunity for parents and godparents to make a confession of their own Christian faith as they promise to bring up their children in the life and faith of the Christian Church. It’s a confession made before God, the minister and those who gather for the baptism.

Baptism, therefore, is a decision to make a serious commitment to both Christ and to His Church.

This may not be what you are wanting for your child and so our other option for parents is to participate in a thanksgiving or naming service for their child. In this service we take the opportunity to give thanks to God for the safe arrival of your child and to pray that God might bless your family. 

We hold thanksgiving services in both our church buildings and we are more than happy to conduct these services at any time.