Weddings in the Parish of Kincumber


Within the Christian church, marriage is taken very seriously. Jesus Christ, in his teachings recorded in the Bible, was clear about marriage being a life long commitment between two people, a man and a woman. To be married in a Christian church you would need to share this view of marriage. We conduct wedding in both of our church buildings. Our historic church is popular to many couples but has a very limited capacity whereas our other church can accommodate all your guests and has all the technology you could need.

Marriage Preparation

At Kincumber Anglican Church we believe in life long marriage as taught about by Jesus in the Bible. We would like to do all that we can to assist couples to prepare for this commitment and with achieving a long lasting and happy marriage. To that end, we ask all couples to attend some marriage preparation training. This training can assist couples to discover more about themselves and their relationship. In addition, you will learn some tips and hints about how to communicate well, solve conflict and continue to build your relationship after your marriage. Marriage preparation is included in the cost of your wedding

The cost of a wedding in Kincumber Anglican Parish

The cost includes marriage preparation (the Seminar we provide), the wedding certificates and other stationery, the organist and flowers. A component of this cost goes to the Church’s Heritage Fund for maintenance, and the remainder to the Parish.

  • Total Cost: $1000
  • Deposit: $200 when you book the wedding.
  • Remainder: $800 one month prior to the wedding.

How to pay:

 By cash, cheque- payable to Kincumber Anglican Parish PO Box 6105 Kincumber 2251; or direct deposit, Kincumber Anglican Parish, Westpac BSB 032596 Account No 540505

Important Information

  • A Notice of Intended Marriage Form must be signed by both you and your partner within 18 months of your marriage. The closing date is one month and one day before the wedding is to take place. This is a legal requirement of the Australian Government. We generally require as much notice as possible, preferably six months or more.
  • Who will conduct your wedding? One of the clergy of the Parish will most likely conduct your wedding. If they are unavailable we will arrange another minister to take your wedding.
  • Please bring original birth certificates to the first wedding interview. Evidence of termination of any previous marriage should also be brought.
  • There will be flowers in the church for your wedding. Closer to your wedding date colour schemes can be discussed.
  • The complete wedding service lasts around thirty minutes from the time the bride enters the church. The Bride is requested to be on time. The Groom should be 15 minutes early.
  • St Paul’s Church, Kincumber (established 1842), is quite small and can only seat 60 people. It is possible to have another ten people standing at the back. If your wedding is likely to be larger than 70, then inside St Paul’s is not really a suitable venue.
  • As it is a Christian Marriage Service which will take place, couples are encouraged to attend church services prior to their wedding. Any music or solos other than church organists must have minister’s approval.
  • The marriage service is a simple and sincere ceremony where two people make promises to one another before God, and before their family and friends..
  • You should be totally aware of what is happening on the day – so NO alcohol or drugs BEFORE the ceremony. If you partake, then be aware that the service may be cancelled as it may be deemed that you are not in a fit state to make a legal commitment to your fiancé.
  • Pew decorations are permitted if they are tied on (perhaps with a ribbon) and not pinned or taped to the pews.
  • Please do not use confetti. Rose petals and rice are acceptable and bubbles are all the rage.

What to do now?

If you wish to proceed with a Christian, Anglican wedding in this Parish:

  • Call the office on 02 4369 1204, or call the senior minister Allan Bate on 0428 917 998 to make a booking for your wedding day