Integrity and transparency

Integrity and transparency

Here in the Parish and in the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle we understand the vital importance of integrity and transparency. We know that the church has not always acted in a clear and Christian manner, but we’re committed to making sure that everything we do as a parish is open to public scrutiny. On this page, you can find out how to access audited financial accounts for the previous year, details on how and how much our ministry team is paid, and an explanation of how we keep children and vulnerable people safe.

Audited accounts

Before you join a church, you should be able to be confident that they handle their finances with probity. We aren’t perfect, but we have nothing to hide. Our accounts are audited annually and copies of our audited accounts are available in each of our church centres. If you want to know more about how our parish, or the diocese handle their finances, you can call us on 4368 3482, or send us an  email.

Ministry staff remuneration

Our ministry staff are paid in accordance with the levels set by the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. Ministers are paid the base stipend. The stipend is based on working 6 days/week.

In addition to these stipends, they usually receive accommodation and various allowances, all of which are described in the remuneration guidelines available Here.

Child protection

Our church loves children and is committed to keeping them safe. Please click here to access our Safe Ministry Policy.

Workers (both volunteer and full-time) in child-related positions are screened and required to undertake regular training.

If at any point you have concerns, past or present, about the actions of a church member, we encourage you to call the police. You can also find access to other help at our Diocesan website on their Safe Ministry page.

Our Council and Wardens

Each year our church community elects representatives to help us pursue our calling as a church. These include a Parish Council and Wardens who are responsible for Property, finances and join in the decision making for the parish. They are crucial roles and we have been well served. 

The Parish Council Secretary and Wardens may be contacted at the services they attend, through their numbers (which you’ll find in the parish phone directory), or you can send a letter addressed to them via the Parish office.

Our Council

Our Council from February 2021:

  • Rev Allan Bate – Rector and Chair
  • Terryl McInnes – Rector’s Warden
  • Lynne Mortimer – Warden 
  • Rachel Southwood- Warden
  • Allan Granger – Treasurer
  • Linda Upcroft – Secretary
  • Wendy Hill/Janet Butt – Missions Secretary
  • Myra Holyoak – WHS
  • Lesley Thompson – Safe Ministry Officer
  • Paul Diener
  • Leslie Scotchmer