God’s King will be glorified
25 October 2020

God’s King will be glorified

Passage: Luke 9.18-23, 28-32; Luke 20.9-19; John 12.23-33

In this talk Jesus talks to His disciples about the upcoming event in His life through which His glory would soon be revealed. And yet what is surprising is that the event that Jesus was referring to was when He would be lifted up, on a cross, to a die criminal’s death. And yet should this surprise us? For we know that Jesus didn’t die for anything that He’d done wrong, rather we know that Jesus chose to die for the things that we’ve done wrong. For we know that, in dying on that cross, Jesus gave His life to save ours. And so when we think of Jesus’ glory, we think of the cross. For, on the cross, Jesus demonstrated how much he loved us. And this is why we glory in the cross of Christ our King.