Building a new Website!?



Building a new website is a big and relatively expensive task. It takes time and energy to design, you have to think through, not only the content that will go on each of the pages but how you communicate what’s there and how people are going to navigate their way there!

With all that we have going on in the parish on any given week, why would we commit ourselves to having a website also?

Quite simply, in the 21st century, it’s a no-brainer. Gone are the days when a young family might do a drive-by of a church to work out what it’s like and whether they’d visit. Now, punch a couple of keys into google and you can find out all about a church and its members (good and bad). On the flipside, if a church isn’t working at having an online presence, then the only information people will find about you is things that other people say.

There’s another big reason why we’ve taken on this task, even though, as some have said: “we had a perfectly adequate website before”? . The needs and the opportunities to engage and connect with people online are only getting greater! Now, if you enjoy a sermon, you can send a copy of it to a friend, or if you are thinking of inviting someone to a parish event, they can sign up and even pay for it online!

It’s been quite a task getting this website to the point where it is up and working, but God willing, it will serve us well as we move into a technological future!

Tim Goldsmith