Starting a Blog

There are those who would say that it’s crazy for a parish to start blogging.
After all, it’s another thing you have to fit in your week!

But we are entering the wonderful world of blogging, and we have a number of good reasons. Here are just a few:

  1. Sometimes Sunday isn’t enough! Weeks like this Sunday’s “Big Question” are the perfect example. What happens when there is great stuff that a minister has researched, but there just isn’t enough time in a sermon. Having another means of contact allows us to explore things further.
  2. Sometimes Sunday isn’t enough PART 2: What if you have a question from a sermon? Maybe there isn’t question time after the talk? Maybe you’re not the kind of person who wants to pipe up & ask something publicly. Hopefully this blog will allow people to explore subjects further.
  3. Not everything worthwhile fits into a sermon. We’d love to think about other subjects and issues that might not be appropriate for a Sunday. Here, online, we can exploreall kinds of things, and equally, we canconnect you with great resources that might not be from our church!
  4. People get to share. Are you passionate about something & would love to share it with the world? This blog will allow people to have a “guest blog.”

So there we go. Hopefully this will be a good place to think about stuff a little deeper. In the end, it’s success depends on whether it’s really any help to you!